Eleonora "Ελεονώρα" [2018]

The performance “Eleonora” is based on the Cypriot traditional song of Arodafnousa and focuses on the character of Queen (Rigena) Eleonora. Through this performance, the audience can experience the different emotional stages that Queen Eleonora goes through when she finds out that the King has an affair with Arodafnousa. The booklet is a proposal for a medium length theatrical performance that has been submitted to the Cultural and Theatrical Authorities of Cyprus for the upcoming Experimental Performance period of 2018. The main aim of the booklet is to deconstruct the creative concept of the play and explain the creative thinking behind the various scenes that take place during the performance.

Queen Eleonora, from Aragon of Spain, wife of King Peter I of Cyprus and mother of King Peter II. A dynamic and notorious queen famous for her revengeful instincts and her affairs. Eleonora is the woman who is responsible for the death of Arodafnousa the mistress of King Peter I. Legend has it that, the King avenged Arodafnousa's death by killing Eleonora.

Cover Photography: Filep Motwary

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