Parker Jotter Pens, Product Campaign

The Parker Jotter pens are fun and practical, and perfect for those who need a pen on the go and love stylish accessories. One of the most iconic pen designs of Parker with a large variety of body colors. The affordable price and the simple yet attractive designs made it one of the most recognized pens with more than 750 million sales worldwide since. 1954.

A campaign in order to promote the Jotter pen by Parker via various communication channels including but not limited to print, digital, outdoors as well as a landing page with a dedicated e-shop. The variety of Jotter body colors were adopted as the main promotional element and provided the core of the overall visual communication. The two main parts of the pen (tip and clip) were identical for all the promotional material and the body (color) of the pen is formed via a strong close shadow.

Parker Pen Company

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